Prompt Brazil is more than a logistics company, we're the best, get to know us.

We’re more than a logistics company, get to know Prompt Brazil

To be part of such a huge thing like logistics is a great thing, but we are more than just a logistics company.

We’re people driven to be the best, connected with people who also want the best services, so, that’s what we offer.

If you want to know more about us, keep reading, because in this article we’re going to talk about:

  • Our history;
  • Our missions and values;
  • Why Prompt?

Are you ready to start? Let’s go!

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Our History 

We opened as a logistics company in 2006, and we’ve been doing our best since.

For starters, our journey begins in Esteio, a city next to the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil.

When we first started the business, our main goal was to attend promptly to the logistics necessities around the world.

And that’s what we did. 

Prompt always hoped to be a facilitating agent to our client’s operations.

And, of course, that’s what we did.

Soon enough, our company grew, so we had to come up with ideas for a new location for our business, that’s when we moved to São Leopoldo, another city in Rio Grande do Sul.

So now, we’re located in a strategic place next to the capital of our state.

Since the beginning, we had a great goal, so we kept going, believing and knowing that we ought to be one of the biggest logistics companies in Brazil.

Our Missions and Values

As we said earlier, our goals and missions were always very settled since the beginning, and so they continued.

Being a great logistics company, our mission is to offer clients and partners the best logistics ways, being agile, competitive, and efficient in every step.

Therefore, agility is one of our values, and we take it very seriously, the same goes for our efficiency, because we don’t want to be another one, we want to be the one.

However, agility means nothing without quality, responsibility, and competence, that’s why we take these as real values, not just simple words.

There’s been a long way to get where we are now, but we’re grateful for that, and above all, for the clients and partners that we made along the way.

It’s not about being the fastest or the most responsible, it is about offering our clients the best experience possible.

So, anywhere that you’re from, know that Prompt is your best worldwide logistics company.

Why Prompt?

Prompt Brazil is more than a logistics company, we're the best, get to know us.

If you want to be a competitive business in the market, you need us. 

If you want to be a reference in the future, you need us. 

If you want to be the best, definitely, you need us.

That’s why you should choose us, but let me tell you some more.

We believe in something we name comprehensive logistics, this way of doing logistics is why we’re so much more than a company, we’re partners.

So, the comprehensive logistics was created by us to attend our client’s necessities, all because we understand that every business is different, so every logistics process is different.

Then, your boarding can cross limits that you can’t even imagine, we are certain that the world has no limits, so, we go further.

Now that you know how far your boarding can go, you should know that it is safe, too, because we have a large network of cargo agents.

We can comprehend your necessities, and that’s why we are more than just a logistics company.

For us, there are no borders in the world, we are everywhere, and you can be everywhere too!

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Rua Marquês do Herval, 1236 – Sala 301 

Centro, São Leopoldo/RS, Brasil | CEP: 93010-200



+55 (51) 99451 5267

+55 (51) 3033-1133

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